Introduction to Poker

South African Poker invites you to join the millions of other Poker fanatics. Poker today has no doubt become the number one card game played world wide.

Since it began, Poker has been regarded as a sophisticated card game played only by the "Rich and Famous". This however is not entirely true, as the game of Poker does require the player to have the skills in which to outsmart their opponent.

Poker players in general do from time to time have an element of luck on their side, but this luck can not be banked on, so over and above the normal skills to play the game, the player would need to have a good grip on their concentration level, and have the ablility to read their opponent. In fact, in order to play poker successfully, one has to have an exceptional aptitude for mind games.

Before you start playing poker for real money at online casinos, poker rooms or a brick-and-mortar casino , sharpen your card-playing skills online. Join a free poker game and practice without having to wager a penny. When you then know the basic strategy you can move on to cheap tournaments or nickel-and-dime cash games.

For those that have never played poker before, and not yet comfortable playing against other players, join one of the local online casinos where you can always try out some Video Poker. These games have no time limit in that no one is waiting for you to make that move.

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Online Poker

Participating in Online Poker is just as exciting and exilirating as playing at a land based Casino. The only difference it of course has is that you can join the game at any time, day or night from the comfort of your own armchair with your family around.

One of the biggest "pros" of playing online poker at any casino online is the fact that you would never have to stand in line to join a table and whats more, online casino poker games offers a greater variety table limits.

For the novice, most online casinos also offer players the chance to practice first before playing in the actual game, including a play strategy to a variety of variations to the standard POker game.

Freeroll poker tournaments are daily events that take place on the best websites of online poker. Freerolls offer the possibility to win some real money.

Also available online are poker tournaments, which are a great way to enjoy the game with other poker enthusiasts and possibly make money, and even opens the doors to win a seat to play in major international tournament poker events such as the WPT or the WSOP. There are many different types of online poker tournaments poker players can enter.